Feature Highlight: Infinite scroll, better colour presets management

We’re glad to announce another premium feature addition to Graphene Mobile Neo, infinite scroll. On top of that, we’re also announcing a much sought-after feature enhancement to the colour presets available in the theme: you can now save, delete, export, and import the theme’s colour presets.

The infinite scroll feature using the click-to-load method. The enhanced colour presets managementWith infinite scrolling, you’ll be able to retain visitors far better by allowing them to effortlessly access the content of your site. By eliminating pagination for your posts listing, you’re delivering content to your visitors more quickly and seamlessly, eliminating yet another barrier to visitor engagement.

This feature supports both automatic and click-to-load infinite scrolling. Automatic scrolling will automatically load more content for your visitors as they reach the end of the page, while click-to-load requires them to click a button to load more content. In both cases your visitors never leave the page, but one may suit your site better than the other, so take your pick.

As for the colour presets feature enhancement, you’ll now be able to save your current colour settings as presets, and use them later on. You can save as many colour presets as you like. With this new feature enhancement, deploying the same colour preset across multiple sites will be as easy as exporting the presets from one site and importing them on another.

Both features are available immediately in version 1.3 of Graphene Mobile Neo. If you have already purchased it, simply perform the automatic update for the theme and you’ll be able to enjoy the new features right away.

Graphene Mobile Neo is available for purchase at just $29.

PS: We do have plans to implement both features in the Graphene theme. In fact, we have already completed the implementation of the enhanced colour presets for Graphene theme. We’re targeting both features to be able in the next Graphene theme update.

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