GM Neo 1.5 is now available!

Selectively enable or disable plugins when your site is viewed on mobile devices with this latest iteration of Graphene Mobile Neo.

Greetings again, everyone!

I’m glad to announce that we’ve just released an update for Graphene Mobile Neo, version 1.5. This version adds one new major feature: the ability to selectively enable or disable plugins when your site is viewed using a mobile device. You can access this feature from GM Neo Options > Advanced > Plugins Control.

This is particularly useful for several reasons. Firstly, plugins may add functionality or visual elements that are not optimised or relevant for visitors on a mobile device. An example of this would be “floating” message bars or sharing buttons that might take up too much of the precious mobile real estate.

Secondly, there are performance improvements to be gained by disabling unneeded plugins when your site is viewed using mobile devices. Resource-heavy plugins that add multiple stylesheets and scripts, for example, can be disabled to improve the loading time of your site, especially on high-latency mobile network.

And finally, there may be plugins that you want to work alongside just the mobile theme but not the desktop theme. The possibilities are many – we’re just providing the tools to empower you to be more creative with your sites.

Graphene Mobile Neo 1.5 is now available immediately. Simply perform the automatic update to get the new goodies. You can also view the theme’s changelog to see the full list of changes.

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