Feature Highlight: Slide-out Panel

Today we are announcing another premium feature addition to Graphene Mobile Neo, the slide-out panel.

If you’ve ever used the Facebook app for iOS or Android, or the Google+ app, you’ll be familiar with the slide-out panel. It’s the panel that slides out from the left hand side of those apps at the touch of a button, revealing further content and navigational elements. It’s a great way of adding content density to mobile interfaces without the clutter.

The new slide-out panel in Graphene Mobile Neo.

This feature is now available in Graphene Mobile Neo.

We’ve designed the feature to be as user-friendly as possible. You can add any content you like via the WordPress widgets interface. You can also define the width of the panel and control the slide-out animation.

And because it’s using hardware-accelerated CSS3 transition property, it’ll be rendered fast on modern smartphones. On devices/browsers where the CSS3 transition property is not available, the feature reverts to the jQuery animation engine.

The slide-out panel is available immediately in version 1.1 of Graphene Mobile Neo. If you have already purchased it, simply perform the automatic update for the theme and enable the feature in GM Neo Options > Slide Panel Options.

Graphene Mobile Neo is available for purchase at just $29.

  • I enabled it and there is nothing on the panel, but there obviously is a way to add stuff to it (judging but the above photo), but it’s very hidden or something as i haven’t found it.

    May i suggest you add a little note or link there (where you enable it) ? and add a “Click here to find out how to customize the slide panel” link to the bottom of this page ?

    We did pay for it so you could work with us a bit.

    Otherwise it seems to be a great way to store additional info, it’s just a shame no one knows how to use it.

    • syahirhakim

      Content can be added to the slide panel via the WordPress widgets interface. After you’ve enabled the slide panel in GM Neo Options, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets, and you’ll see a new widget area called “GM Neo Slide Panel”.

      But you’re right, this information isn’t obvious. I’ll add a short description to this effect under the option in the next update.

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