Feature Highlights: Swipe gesture, responsive tables

Swipe gestures action, responsive tables, much-improved infinite scroll feature, and other small but significant improvements make the premium Graphene Mobile Neo theme even better.

At Graphene Themes, we’re always looking for ways to improve our themes so that they benefit you and your site’s visitors. While we’ve been busy with testing the latest alpha version of Graphene 1.9 so that all is smooth when we officially release it, we’ve been busy at work improving Graphene Mobile Neo as well.

Swipe left or right to go to the next or previous posts

Swipe left or right to go to the next or previous posts

We’re glad to announce the immediate availability of Graphene Mobile Neo 1.4. As always, if you are already an owner of Graphene Mobile Neo, simply perform the theme’s automatic updates to get all the new premium features.

Which you wouldn’t want to miss. This time around, we’ve added swipe gesture action for navigating between posts, responsive tables, and a much-improved infinite scroll feature.

Swipe gesture action

With swipe gesture action, your visitors can simply swipe left or right anywhere on the page when viewing single posts to go to the next or previous post. There is also visual hints when this occurs so your visitors will be well aware of the feature.

Responsive Tables

The responsive tables feature is very useful, essential even, if you have large data tables in your site. When your tables are too large to fit within the viewing area of the small smartphone screens, the theme will automatically make the table responsive.

The first column of the table is fixed on the screen, and your visitors will be able to horizontally scroll through the remaining columns, no matter how many columns there are. The lets your visitors access all of the information in the large table while still be able to compare between the rows. And best of all? There’s no modification required to the original table. See the feature in action for yourself.

Much-improved infinite scroll

Responsive tables automatically make large data tables accessible on mobile devices

Responsive tables automatically make large data tables accessible on mobile devices

We introduced the infinite scroll feature in Graphene Mobile Neo 1.3, and this time around the feature receives major improvements. You can now enable infinite scroll for comments. The status messages when loading for more content have also been improved.

The feature now displays how many items are left, and how many are being fetched. When there is no more items to be loaded, a message to this effect is displayed, and the fetch more button is automatically disabled. We’ve also tweaked the feature so that additional content is fetched earlier as the user scrolls down the page.

Continuous improvements

We’re also continuously making small but significant improvements to the theme. For example, when you have a left- or right-aligned images that takes up more than 50% of the content area, the theme automatically centers the images. This prevents text from wrapping around the image in the small horizontal space, which otherwise would result in an awkward readability situation where only two or three words are displayed per line of text.

So there you have it. If you have any feature in mind that you think would be great addition to the theme, we’re always open to feature suggestions. After all, it’s by listening to our themes’ users that we’ve been able to improve them on the things that matter.

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