Version 1.8.9

  • Fixed: Missing pagination in front page when displaying latest posts
  • Fixed: Infinite scrolling not working in front page when displaying latest posts

Version 1.8.8

  • Added: Option to disable link in slider
  • Added: Option to disable the footer credit link
  • Added: Norwegian (Nb_NO) translation by Remy Kongsvoll
  • Updated: Any Mobile Theme Switcher 2.0
  • Fixed: Read more link being displayed in archive pages even when the full post content is already shown
  • Fixed: “Comments off” being displayed in front page posts listing

Version 1.8.7

  • Fixed: Front page showing only 1 post

Version 1.8.6

  • Added: Option to display posts by category on static front page
  • Fixed: PHP warning in the category menu
  • Fixed: Fatal error trying to load TGMPA when other themes/plugins have already loaded it

Version 1.8.5

  • Synchronised version number

Version 1.8.4

  • Fixed: Missing manual switcher link when using Any Mobile Theme Switcher
  • Fixed: Whitespace issues with header image when using <img> tag
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Google Chrome’s Data Saver feature

Version 1.8.3

  • Improved: Header image centers vertically when using the <img> tag
  • Fixed: Styling issue with Graphene Shortcodes
  • Fixed: Styling issue with nested list items in slide-out panel
  • Fixed: Custom Menu widget with sub-menus collapse when parent is clicked
  • Fixed: “Number of posts to show with excerpt” option not available when using static front page
  • Fixed: Strict PHP notice for select menu class functions
  • Fixed: Compatibility with WP Super Cache
  • Fixed: Issue with Plugins Control feature deactivating required plugins
  • Updated: Genericons from 3.0.3 to 3.3.1

Version 1.8.2

  • Fixed: Overlapping header text
  • Fixed: incorrect ordering of child pages under “In this section” feature
  • Fixed: Admin bar obscuring header when logged in
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability
  • Removed: Home link in default select menu

Version 1.8.1

  • Added: Italian (it_IT) translation
  • Added: gmneo_before_comments action hook
  • Fixed: strict standards notice with extended class declaration

Version 1.8

  • Added: Touch-enabled responsive slider
  • Added: Pinned navigation menu
  • Added: Improved select elements in theme’s options page using Chosen
  • Fixed: Issue with theme news feed in the theme’s options page
  • Fixed: Settings conflict for frontpage posts category
  • Fixed: GM Neo Options page link visible in admin bar for non-admin
  • Updated: HammerJS library for better swipe recognition and less false positives

Version 1.7

  • Added WP PageNavi native plugin support
  • Added option to remove header
  • Added: German translation (de_DE)
  • Fixed: Admin notification string not marked for translation
  • Fixed: Theme switcher link bug when using AMTS Pro
  • Updated: HammerJS v1.1.3
  • Updated: Any Mobile Theme Switcher v1.6

Version 1.6.1

  • Fixed: Gesture overlay notification being displayed on static front page
  • Fixed: Incorrect syntax in required plugin admin notification

Version 1.6

  • Updated: Minor theme options pages styling update to conform to WordPress 3.8
  • Updated: HammerJS library to the latest version
  • Updated: Genericons to version 3.0.2
  • Fixed: “Select all” button not working in theme’s Advanced options page to select all generated CSS codes
  • Fixed: Swipe gesture working intermittently on Chrome Mobile
  • Replaced: The bundled Mobile Smart plugin has now been replaced by Any Mobile Theme Switcher (AMTS)
  • Added: Integration to AMTS manual switcher link in the footer
  • Added: Option to disable the manual switcher link if using AMTS in GM Neo Options > General > Footer Options
  • Added: Notification to visitors regarding the swipe gesture feature for posts navigation

Version 1.5.6

  • Fixed: Header options styling issues for RTL sites
  • Fixed: Custom header image scaling and auto-height adjustments

Version 1.5.5

  • Added graphics-based fallback for icon fonts usage for non-supported browsers (e.g. IE9 Mobile and older)

Version 1.5.4

  • Fixed: HiDPI default header image
  • Fixed: Submenu item always having down arrow
  • Fixed: Submenu item for bottom menu not properly displayed

Version 1.5.3

  • Added comment reply link
  • Added HiDPI support for header image
  • Migrated to using Genericons for scalable vector icons instead of sprite image
  • Fixed: Redirect to homepage when plugins are deactivated using the Plugins Control option
  • Fixed: Header image media uploader not passing image URL to field

Version 1.5.2

  • Select menus now shows the parent of current page if current page is not in menu
  • Fixed <select> menu option for header menu not working in options page

Version 1.5.1

  • Minor CSS tweaks
  • Changed primary font from Lato to Open Sans
  • Front page posts display full posts truncated by <!–readmore–> tag
  • Added option to display excerpts for posts on front page
  • Added option to disable automatic featured image on front page posts
  • Added option to disable swipe gesture for post navigation
  • Fixed issues with colour presets management

Version 1.5

  • Added option to selectively enable and disable plugins
  • Fixed database error notice when querying total number of comments
  • Fixed database error notice relating to navigation menu

Version 1.4

  • Added single post navigation touch swipe gesture action
  • Added infinite scroll feature for comments
  • Added colour options for slide-out panel
  • Added automatic image center-align if its width is greater than 50% of the viewport’s width
  • Improved the messages shown for the Infinite Scroll feature
  • Wrapped numbers in number_format_i18n() for proper locale-aware formatting
  • Fixed minor styling issue with Responsive Tables feature
  • Fixed colour setting for section title text not being applied
  • Fixed minor styling issue with colour settings preview
  • Fixed colour pickers and preview not working in the theme’s Display options
  • Fixed “Activate installed plugin” link not activating Mobile Smart after activation of GM Neo Helper plugin
  • Prefixed the theme’s enqueued scripts to prevent conflicts with other plugins registering the same scripts

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed colour settings not applied to <select> menu
  • Fixed incorrect link to the theme’s page in the footer
  • Fixed regression with prefixfree script
  • Added Responsive Tables feature

Version 1.3

  • Added option to disable the search form under the header
  • Added options to save, delete, export, and import colour presets
  • Added Infinite Scroll feature

Version 1.2.2

  • Added CodeMirror code editor for all options that accept code
  • Added solid-colour fallback for backgrounds with gradients
  • Added option to disable the “jump to category” feature
  • Fixed code editor bug for RTL sites

Version 1.2.1

  • Added prefixfree script for theme’s options pages
  • Added CodeMirror code editor for the theme’s Custom CSS and Custom <head> tags options
  • Fixed footer colour preview not working in theme’s options
  • Fixed custom colour gradients not working on several browsers
  • Fixed redirect on select for <select> menu not working on some sites

Version 1.2

  • Reworded plugin dependency notice for better clarity
  • Added Turkish (tr_TR) translation, by Gurol Barin
  • Added WPML integration for translatable strings for theme’s options
  • Added option to specify the text for the slide panel toggle bar
  • Added styling for captioned images and author comments
  • Added RTL stylesheet for theme’s options pages
  • Added more robust options for custom header – now able to insert as <img> tag and downscale to fit device width
  • Added option to display only posts from selected categories on the front page
  • Fixed post meta display setting not being honoured in archive pages
  • Fixed theme translation files not being loaded in WP Admin
  • Fixed display issue for non-Latin characters
  • Fixed news feed in options page not displaying excerpts less than 20 words
  • Fixed double notice in theme’s options pages
  • Fixed the theme’s scripts enqueue issue

Version 1.1

  • Added Facebook style slide-out panel
  • Added RTL languages support

Version 1.0.4

  • Dropdown menu can now span multiple lines
  • Default menu (listing of pages) can now include up to 2 levels

Version 1.0.3

  • Make Mobile Smart installation and activation optional
  • “Select” menu element can now be used for default menu
  • Removed generic post thumbnail
  • Updated account page link in the theme’s options
  • Fixed possible layout issue for stock Android browser on devices with certain display densities
  • Added Hebrew (he_IL) translation by Udi Burg
  • Added readme.txt file explaining built-in shortcodes and child theme implementation
  • Added admin notice if API Key is not present in the theme’s options

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed update check issue in WordPress Multisite environment
  • Fixed other plugins being deactivated when activating the Graphene Mobile Neo helper plugin

Version 1.0.1

  • Minor strings fix
  • Masked API Key in the theme’s options page

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

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