Graphene 1.9.4 update: important notice

Graphene 1.9.4 is now available for update! This update contains one major change so make sure you read about it.

Greetings everyone!

Graphene 1.9.4 is now available for update! This update contains one major change so make sure you read about it here.

The most important change of all is that all shortcodes in the theme have been removed. This is to comply with the requirements by the WordPress Theme Review Team, the gatekeeper of all themes hosted on They have decided that shortcodes are plugin territory, so no themes are allowed to have them.

Previous versions of the Graphene theme contain message blocks and pullquote shortcodes. To ensure your sites are not adversely affected by this change, we have created the Graphene Shortcodes plugin which you can download and install to continue using the shortcodes. This plugin will be maintained and updated separately as necessary.

Download Graphene Shortcodes plugin

Other than that, the rest of the changes are bug fixes and minor updates. You can read the full changelog here.

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  • Thank you. This is a very welcome change! On a couple of sites, I’ve been using pullqoutes a lot. Now I can more freely change themes on those sites.

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  • RC Mishra

    Hi, everything was working fine, but when I tried to use the 3 column layout I see this error on website

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function warning_block_shortcode_handler() in /home4

    Please help. I can still use other layouts but when I use 3 columns layout only then I encounter this.

    Thank you!

    • Skivey

      Me also!, works with the rest of the layouts…

  • bof44980

    Fantastic !!! I was struggling to use shortcodes from other plugins to work in my posts. With version 1.9.4, it works perfectly 🙂 This ease my job considerably !!!

  • bof44980

    Well, I was too early enthusiastic. In fact, shortcodes from other plugins only display on articles that are posted on main page but not in articles displayed individually.

    • bof44980

      I meant, when articles posts are displayed individually.

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  • m4lvin

    Could you also upload this plugin to the repository to automate future updates?

    • syahirhakim

      Future updates are already automatic, using our servers instead of WordPress. You’ll get updates the same way you get updates for plugins hosted on

  • Zina

    Hi ! I love very match the Graphene Theme but… Between the excerpts on first page they are spaces for Adsense advertising. I can’t delete them. I try on Graphene Options – AdSense Options. When I click on Save all options, appear this: ERROR: Bad URL entered for the Custom URL.
    Please help me ! Thank you ! Have a good day !

  • Thanks for developing and maintaining the Graphene Theme. I have a couple of questions: 1) is it possible to have the header widget appear on the right side of the screen? 2) is it possible to round the corners on the slider?

    I look forward to your response.

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  • wisamzaqoot

    I upgraded my site with this theme, but it crashed. now in the dashboard it says: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() ” and in my homepage it says “Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Query::is_home()”. I don’t know how to return to my previous graphene version.

  • Al

    There’s a problem with the “Slider Options” tab. The “Categories to display” has dissapeared. What’s the solution? Thanks in advance.

  • Huey Clearwater

    Please let me know what I have to do in detail to install the Shortcodes plugin?

  • UlcinjApartments

    I downloaded Franz Jozef theme and it looks good, but I have problem removing next and previous post at the bottom of the post. I entered the css code .post-nav { display: none; } but it won’t remove it . Can you help ?