Graphene 2.3 update released, Graphene Plus now available

Graphene 2.3 brings a number of new features alongside some bugfixes. Additional premium features available with Graphene Plus.

We have just released Graphene 2.3 update on 23 February 2018. This update brings a number of new features alongside some bugfixes. Thanks to all our users who have reported the bugs through the Support Forum! Your feedback helps us make the theme better for everyone.

Some of the new features include desktop/mobile widget display option, addition of “card” slider display option, and the much-requested option to customize the contextual page navigation “In this section” title. You can see the full changelog of version 2.0 at this link.

With this version, we have also officially released Graphene Plus, a premium upgrade for Graphene. Graphene Plus contains all of Graphene’s features, plus many other premium features such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), intuitive typography options, deep bbPress integration, and more.

With this release and the major structural changes from Graphene 1.9 branch completed, we have now settled into feature expansion mode. Expect regular theme updates bringing new and improved features coming soon from now on. We welcome any feedback and suggestion, so do let us know what you’d like to see in Graphene.