Help and Support

Support for the Graphene theme is delivered for free via the official Support Forum.

We do not entertain support requests via email, Twitter, comments on website, or any channels other than the official support forum linked above and the support forum. There are plenty of reasons why we have adopted this policy, but chief of them includes:

  • the support forum has far better tools to accommodate back and forth discussion
  • contributors in the support forum span multiple timezones, so you’re more likely to get a response sooner
  • the support forum allows us to consolidate all support requests in a single place

graphene-support-forumTo date, there are more than 30,000 posts and 5,500 topics on the Support Forum. Chances are the answers to your questions are already there, so make sure you use the search form in the forum first before posting a new topic.

The only exception to the above policy is if you’re reporting a security vulnerability, though this is extremely rare. In that case, please use the contact form instead.

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