Version 2.5.3

  • Added: Link to individual comments
  • Updated: Czech language file
  • Updated: SiteOrigin Panels 2.9.2
  • Updated: Black Studio TinyMCE Widget 2.6.4
  • Updated: AMP 1.0.1
  • Fixed: Navbar sizing and margin when using fixed navbar with certain container styles
  • Fixed: PHP notice related to social profiles feature
  • Fixed: PHP warnings related to slider and AMP share

Version 2.5.2

  • Updated: Removed all instances of hentry since we are no longer using hatom markup, to avoid Google Rich Snippet error
  • Fixed: Page builder scripts incorrectly loaded
  • Fixed: Error in Rich Snippet markup if the same images are used
  • Fixed: Slider image would sometimes not appear when using Jetpack

Version 2.5.1

  • Added: Compatibility with Gutenberg
  • Added: Open Graph microdata format, with detection of SEO plugins
  • Added: Auto-purge Autoptimize cache whenever the customizer is published
  • Added: Option to disable captions in slider
  • Added: Remove slider navigation features if only one slide present in the slider
  • Added: Responsive embeds
  • Added: Sticky menu feature
  • Added: Option to disable custom YARPP template
  • Added: Upload button for custom user profile image
  • Added: Option to exclude posts and categories from slider
  • Added: Serve slider image from Jetpack if Photon is enabled
  • Added: Partial Czech translation
  • Added: Serve slider image from Jetpack if Photon is enabled
  • Added: Conditional loading of respond and html5shiv scripts for older IE browsers
  • Added: If set, consistently display custom user image as user’s avatar everywhere
  • Added: Translations for Azerbaijani, English (Canada), Croatian, Italian, Dutch, Turkish
  • Fixed: AMP error if print button feature is enabled
  • Fixed: Header image width changed to 1903 when using full-width layout
  • Fixed: AMP error if Graphene Plus typography options are not using Google Fonts
  • Fixed: Updates for other themes are not displayed if Graphene Plus licence is missing or invalid
  • Fixed: Console log of keycodes in bbPress
  • Fixed: No Bootstrap script loaded at all if there are other plugins queueing their own Bootstrap script
  • Fixed: Jetpack lazy-loaded images not center-aligned
  • Fixed: Double Mentions Bar on home page when using custom layout
  • Fixed: Missing image error if using slider as header and no image selected as header image
  • Updated: Menu Item Custom Fields 1.0.0
  • Updated: AMP 0.7.2
  • Updated: SiteOrigin Panels 2.8.2
  • Updated: Translations


  • Added: Option to display slider in front page, pages, posts, or all
  • Fixed: Load comment-reply.js script only if threaded comments is enabled
  • Fixed: Section navigation being shown on 404 page
  • Fixed: Improved automated search query handling in 404 page
  • Fixed: PHP count() warning with PHP 7.2
  • Fixed: Read more button being added to rich snippet description when using custom excerpt
  • Fixed: WP Editor gets zero width when certain plugins is installed, causing text to appear in a column of single-character wide
  • Fixed: Some layout buttons not working in WP Editor if site is using non-standard WordPress folder structure
  • Removed: Custom header constants

Version 2.4.2

  • Added: Separate slider colours option when using the card display option
  • Updated: Russian (ru_RU) and Portuguese (pt_BR) translations
  • Fixed: graphene_navbar_header action hook does not appear in Action Hook Widget Areas option
  • Fixed: Carousel script error when the primary header menu is not in use
  • Fixed: PHP warning when using YARPP
  • Fixed: PHP warning in 404.php file
  • Fixed: Reorganised top bar and bottom footer elements using floats for more robust styling

Version 2.4.1

  • Fixed: PHP warning when YARPP has not been installed
  • Fixed: Slider has no background colour when extended to full width

Version 2.4

  • Added: Custom page layout builder
  • Added: Option to replace the header image with slider, and place header image in top bar as logo
  • Added: Preserve custom WordPress settings (e.g. header image, background, etc.) when switching between Graphene and Graphene Plus
  • Added: Yet Another Related Posts plugin integration
  • Added: Full width boxed container layout in addition to existing full width stretched container layout
  • Added: Banner display style for slider
  • Added: Deep multi-level menu capability in mobile view
  • Added: Mentions Bar feature
  • Added: Google Rich Snippets using the recommended LD+JSON markup for more detailed layout-agnostic markup
  • Added: Slider entry meta in card display
  • Added: Social profiles link in footer
  • Added: Option to display social media icons in top bar and footer
  • Added: Option to select left sidebar order in mobile view
  • Added: Option to select header text alignment
  • Added: Option to disable the previous/next posts navigation
  • Added: Option to restrict the previous/next posts navigation to posts within the same category
  • Added: Automatically disable author bio if only single author is present and bio is empty
  • Added: More robust compatibility with plugins that use the Bootstrap framework
  • Added: More robust determination of slider image dimension
  • Added: Show site title in mobile only when site title is set to hidden for desktop
  • Fixed: Site title and tagline display setting Customizer preview not working
  • Fixed: List margins in bbPress posts
  • Fixed: Social sharing buttons does not appear at the top of posts
  • Fixed: Tooltip JS error if site is using older versions of jQuery < 1.9.1
  • Fixed: Graphene Mobile not loaded when present
  • Fixed: Bootstrap conflict with WP Download Manager
  • Fixed: Several PHP notices and warnings
  • Fixed: Not found error with default page template icon

Version 2.3.1

  • Fixed: Static front page not shown if slider option “Exclude the categories from posts listing” is enabled
  • Fixed: Fatal error in certain cases where custom widgets do not have the get_settings() method
  • Fixed: Textarea default height set too low
  • Fixed: Various small styling adjustments for perfection

Version 2.3.0

  • Initial release

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