All-new Graphene brand site

About 10 months ago, I wrote that we’ll be migrating all websites related to the Graphene theme under one domain – a single web real estate that consolidates all of Graphene’s properties. This includes a website to provide information for the Graphene theme itself as well as the brand’s mobile offerings, support forum, demonstration site, documentation, as well as the update server for our premium themes.

With the completion of this brand new site, that migration is now complete. You now have a single avenue for all things Graphene.

Updated Admin Testdrive

We have also streamlined some features that we provide via the website, most notably is the admin testdrive. This is the feature where we allow prospective theme users to login into the WordPress administration of a standalone WordPress install using the Graphene theme, so that they can play around and experiment with the theme and all that it has to offer.

With the completion of this new site, we have also set up a separate demonstration site, within which we have incorporated the admin testdrive feature. This should allow you to see exactly how have we set up the theme to achieve the look of the demo site, something that we’ve been asked a few times previously.

Graphene Mobile Neo

Along with the unveiling of this brand new Graphene site, we’re also rolling out the new premium mobile offering, Graphene Mobile Neo. The main vision of this theme is to build on the existing Graphene Mobile, but provide a much more professional and elegant design.

To achieve this vision, we have sourced the service of a professional web design house to lay out the pixels, and then we do the coding.

A lot of valuable experience gained from the development and support of Graphene Mobile has been put to good use in the development of this new mobile theme. As a result, you’ll find Graphene Mobile Neo to be a theme that contains all of the features of Graphene Mobile and then some, presented in a much more elegant and professional package. The installation process is also much easier and straightforward.

What’s more, if you have already purchased Graphene Mobile, we are giving you a huge 50% discount on Graphene Mobile Neo. At checkout, just login with the account that you used to purchase Graphene Mobile, and your Graphene Mobile Neo purchase will automatically be discounted. Just our small way of saying thank you 🙂

Graphene sites

Here’s a full list of sites under the Graphene brand: