Build a community with Graphene Plus

Whether you’re running a local community, interest group, or support forum, deep integration with bbPress gives you an easy and beautiful collaboration tool with Graphene Plus.

Functional and beautiful

Each template in bbPress has been meticulously customized to seamlessly integrate with Graphene’s layout and styling, giving a unified and coherent user experience.

Feature enhancements like CTRL+Enter to create a topic and submit a reply makes regular contribution a breeze.

Full function on any screen

Careful user interface design ensures that the full functionality of bbPress is preserved regardless of device screen size. No hidden text, no horizontal scrolling, no more missing action links or information.

Members don’t need a separate app to participate effectively in your forum. You get more visits and longer pageviews, and your community stays active, even while on the go.

Perfected by real usage

No testing is as rigorous as real life usage. We’d know, cause we use Graphene Plus ourselves on our Support Forum!

Thousands of users and our support staffs use Graphene Plus everyday when they visit our support forum, even if they don’t realize it.

Their feedback goes directly to our development team. That is how we ensure quality experience.

Get Graphene Plus today.

Install on unlimited sites, includes 1 year of support and updates. Terms

Graphene Plus

Available for only $55.00.

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Explore more Graphene Plus features

More visitors and ads revenue with AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is built right into Graphene Plus, making your posts and pages load instantly on mobile devices. This results in more visitors, customers, and ads revenue from your website.

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Perfect design for every page

Graphene Plus features an intuitive, drag-and-drop page layout builder so that you can easily create elegant custom layouts for your website.

It's the next level of customizability.

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Priority Support

Graphene Plus includes access to Priority Email Support from your account page. This means speedy response and personal attention to any issues you might be having by the developers.

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