Instant loading time with AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is built right into Graphene Plus, making your posts and pages load instantly on mobile devices. This results in more visitors, customers, and ads revenue from your website.

Fast and beautiful

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) puts speed above all else. Your webpages will load literally instantly when accessed from supported platforms and devices.

Every additional second it takes for your webpage to load means lost visitors and pageviews. By one statistics, a webpage that takes 7 seconds to load loses 32% of visits and 63% of pageviews.

AMP pages in Graphene Plus takes zero second to load. It’s that fast.

* Statistics and chart from Results may vary from site to site.


Consistent appearance and styling

AMP pages generated by Graphene Plus automatically inherits your Graphene customisations, down to fonts and colours. Consistent appearance reinforces branding association in your audience, projecting a unified, smooth experience.

All these without any extra work or configuration.

Zero configuration needed

AMP implementation in Graphene Plus is completely plug & play. There’s absolutely zero configuration required to setup your AMP pages. Your existing posts and pages will automatically be available in AMP, and search engines will automatically pick them up as they index your pages.

You can still customize the settings if desired. This is, after all, the Graphene theme on steroid. All customizations can be done from the familiar Customizer, with instant result previews.

Effortless monetization with built-in ads support

Take full advantage of increased visitors and pageviews by monetizing your pages.

Ads implementation in AMP is slightly different than you’re likely used to for normal websites, but Graphene Plus takes the guesswork out by integrating built-in support for AMP ads.

Simply enter a few straightforward parameters, and Graphene Plus takes care of generating the correct code for the ads.

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Run a community with Graphene Plus

Graphene Plus has full bbPress integration, every feature meticulously adapted to Graphene's layout and design. The WordPress forum software will integrate beautifully into your site, with enhanced functions and styling.

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Perfect design for every page

Graphene Plus features an intuitive, drag-and-drop page layout builder so that you can easily create elegant custom layouts for your website.

It's the next level of customizability.

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Priority Support

Graphene Plus includes access to Priority Email Support from your account page. This means speedy response and personal attention to any issues you might be having by the developers.

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