The Graphene theme has so far been translated into 42 languages (44 including two English locales). The list of languages that the Graphene theme has been translated into is as follows:

Language pack update

Sometimes, language files are updated after the latest version of the theme has been published on the themes repository. The updated language files will always be included with each of the theme’s update.

Add your language

If you’re interested in translating the theme into your own language which has not been listed above, please join the Graphene Theme Developers, Testers, and Translators group and send a message to the group stating your interest. We’ll take it from there.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the technical expertise to do the translation. It’s fairly straightforward and we have written a guide on how to translate the theme.

Multilingual support

multilingual-ready-logoThe translations bundled with the theme are just for the strings that come with the theme. To translate the various contents of your site and make your WordPress-powered site fully multilingual, you can utilise one of the many available multilingual plugins for WordPress.

Since adding full-fledged multilingual support to WordPress requires deep integration and intricate content filtering, compatibility issues between the multilingual plugin and the theme may arise.

For this reason, you’ll be glad to know that the Graphene theme has been tested and officially certified to be compatible with one of the most popular multilingual plugins for WordPress, WPML.

How to use these languages in your website

Many times I have seen the theme users not taking advantage of the available language files included with the theme. I have created a video tutorial outlining on how to use languages other than English for your WordPress site.

Note though that this video when the Graphene theme was in an earlier version, so you may see some differences in the demonstration theme.