Graphene 1.9 is now available

The latest and greatest, Graphene 1.9, is now available! Find out about the new features and changes in this latest iteration of the Graphene theme.

Greetings everyone!

I’m very glad to announce that Graphene 1.9 is now available! The changelog for this version is a long one, but here’s a list of the more significant improvements:

  • Infinite Scroll for posts and comments. This feature lets the theme automatically pull the next set of posts or comments into view when visitor approaches the bottom of the page.
  • Much improved colour presets management. You can now create your own colour presets, as well as import and export them. Useful for experimentation, and also to share or build on a certain preset across your Graphene-powered sites.
  • CodeMirror code editor for the theme options. This enhancement makes writing codes in the theme’s options – be it CSS, HTML, or JavaScript – easier with tabbing support and syntax highlighting.
  • Locale-aware numerals. In places where numbers are displayed (e.g. the comment count), the numerals will now be displayed in the proper script of your language (e.g. Cyrillic if you’re using Russian).
  • Page template for Static Front Page. The theme will now apply the chosen page template for the page being used as the Static Front Page. This bridges the limitation in the WordPress core.
  • Proactive conflict prevention with jQuery UI Tabs. We found that many users use plugins to add “tabbed panels”, and these plugins typically use jQuery UI Tabs, which is likely to conflict with the script being used for the theme’s slider. That conflict has been eliminated.
  • Various bug fixes.

On top of the improvements, certain obsolete features have also been removed from Graphene 1.9:

  • Twitter widget – the end of Twitter v1 API is also the end of the theme’s Twitter widget.
  • Random header image – this feature has been added to WordPress core since WordPress 3.2, so it’s no longer necessary for the theme to provide the same feature.

It  has been a long road to Graphene 1.9, and I would like to personally thank all the contributors for this release. To all the contributing developers, testers, and translators: thank you so much. The contribution, feedback, and discussions from all of you have been truly invaluable in taking the theme to where it is.

To the theme’s users, enjoy 🙂 And remember that there are many ways to contribute if you’re interested.