Graphene 1.9a (alpha) is now available

Greetings, citizens of the Earth!

I’m glad to announce that an alpha version of Graphene 1.9 is now available for download.

Since this is an alpha release, it is meant for testing and translating purposes only. Please do not use this version on a critical production site. There may be undiscovered nasty bugs in the codes.

For developers and testers

This is a major update, which means it contains a few major changes to the theme’s codes, major new features, and bugfixes. Some of the new features include the Infinite Scroll feature for posts and comments, and enhanced colour presets management. You are now able to save, delete, export, and import colour presets.

To test the infinite scroll feature on comments, you may need to have at least a single post with a significant number of comments. In that case, you can use theĀ Insert Comments Programmatically plugin I wrote to programmatically insert comments into any posts or pages. I originally wrote it to insert 1000 comments into a single post to troubleshoot a reported bug which has the comment count reverted to 1 when there are 1000 or more comments.

During development, we’ve been running the theme’s codes against the latest beta version of WordPress 3.6 to prepare for its upcoming release. If you can test the alpha version in the latest WordPress beta environment, it’ll be much appreciated!

Please also report all bugs and issues, as well as missing strings for translations via theĀ Graphene Theme Developers, Testers, and Translators mailing list, or via the Alpha/Beta section of the Support Forum.

I can’t stress this enough, but please do not use this version on a production site. Ideally, make an exact copy of your production site somewhere else and run the theme in that test environment instead. If you don’t know where to start, this tutorial might be a good place: 10 ways to set up a testing environment for WordPress.

Thanks, and happy testing!

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