Graphene 1.9b (beta) release

Hello again, everyone!

We’re now getting closer to Graphene 1.9 release, as today I’m announcing the availability of the beta version of Graphene 1.9.

Since this is a beta release, it is meant for testing and translating purposes only. Please do not use this version on a critical production site. Even though it is relatively stable, there may be undiscovered bugs in the codes.

Changes since Graphene 1.9a

The following changes and fixes have been made since the release of the alpha version of Graphene 1.9:

  • Added brief description about the Infinite Scroll feature
  • The infinite scroll feature now fetches content earlier (irrelevant if click-to-scroll is enabled)
  • Marked 2 more strings that need plural forms
  • Removed the theme’s random header image function as this is identical to WordPress’ feature since WordPress 3.2
  • Fixed large featured image not being used as the header image if using Jetpack’s Photon module
  • Fixed missing “Continue reading” button in excerpt of posts that have the <!–more–> tag
  • Fixed sticky post being styled as sticky twice
  • Added internationalization for the theme’s editor buttons
  • Renamed jQuery Tools .tabs() function to .jtTabs() to prevent conflict with jQuery UI Tabs
  • Updated readme.txt file to include more relevant content that does not require frequent updating
  • Removed Twitter widget from the theme as unauthenticated requests no longer work. Recommend Rotating Tweets plugin as a substitute.

As always, we welcome as many volunteers as possible to help test the theme prior to the public release. You can report all bugs and issues, as well as missing strings for translations via theĀ Graphene Theme Developers, Testers, and Translators mailing list, or via the Alpha/Beta section of the Support Forum.

Download Graphene 1.9b