Graphene 2.0 is coming (soon)

Graphene 2.0 is coming soon! We’ve been hard at work on this one, and it will be the biggest update yet for the theme. Read on to know more.

Fully responsive

Let’s start with the most requested feature of all: Graphene 2.0 will be fully responsive. That means it will automatically adapt to the various screen sizes, from the biggest PC monitors to the smallest phones. Your content will be optimised and look great on all devices. And yes, Google will see your site as optimised for mobile too, so no more penalty for search rankings on mobile devices.

This feature requires that we shed away the old grid system, and replace it with a responsive framework (we’ve gone with Bootstrap). That involves a major reworking of the theme’s code and image assets to ensure visuals stay sharp on high-resolution devices.


Design updates

Graphene 2.0 will also include the most significant styling update since the theme’s first public release, seven years ago. This time, we’ve placed our focus on readability and improving the user interface so that your websites will look elegant, easy to navigate, and above all, easily readable and accessible.

The design updates also leverage on the features and capability of modern browsers that simply were not available previously, such as vector-based icon fonts and flexbox CSS layout.


Other features

A host of other features will also be available in Graphene 2.0, such as menu icons and description, author bio single posts, contextual page navigation, and much improved posts and comments navigation.

This new version will see revisions to the theme’s extensive list of existing features too, with removal of some of the obsolete features that are no longer appropriate in today’s web landscape.

What will this mean for existing websites?

More than 40,000 websites are currently using the Graphene theme. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure minimal disruption to those existing websites. For the large majority of them, Graphene 2.0 will simply mean an instant upgrade.

However, due to the nature and requirement of the changes described above, sites with heavy customisation using a child theme will likely need to adapt their child theme to the new version.

We need your support

We’ve spent thousands of development and support hours for the users who rely on us to make the theme work and make it better. Yet being a free and open-source theme, Graphene generates minimal revenue for us. This means we can only spend the hours we can spare from our work and life responsibilities. That is not much at all, a major contribution to the reason why updates have been slow for the past couple of years.

We have now completed about 60% of Graphene 2.0 development. The more time we can dedicate to the theme’s development, the sooner we can get Graphene 2.0 in your hands. You can either help us test the theme, or you can support us financially. This is completely optional; we still love you if you do neither 😉

Download Graphene 2.0
Pre-alpha version

Make a contribution

Pre-alpha version means that development of most features have been completed, but there are still substantial amount of development required, and major change may still be required. We DO NOT recommend running this version on live websites.

  • Udi Burg

    Great news!!!!
    I will sure start testing it and of course will buy you some coffee 🙂
    Waited to hear these news for a long time.
    Lot of success!

    • syahirhakim

      Glad to hear from you again, Udi! Let me know your feedback when you’ve had a chance to test it out.

      • Udi Burg

        will sure do.

  • Jim

    Is the Download button working, or I’m missing something?

    • syahirhakim

      The download button should be working again now.

      • jim


  • Hello, the graphene theme is one of my favorites! The only reason I had to stop using it is because it wasn’t responsive on all devices. If I reinstall graphene now and purchase the neo addition will it only be visible via pc,and phones? Will your new update be out soon? thank you.

    • syahirhakim

      At current progress, the Graphene 2.0 target release date is the second week of September.

  • Jhule

    I love the graphene Theme. I used it on my website. Now I tried the alpha version on the website, after I installed the graphene 2.0 the Layout of the old graphene ist not working anymore. 🙁
    So i decided to run the Alpha Version on the site, because the Layout is working fine. But one thing is a problem.
    The Sub-Sub-Menu is only working on my desktop pc. On a Mobilephone or a tablet u cannot not see the sub-sub menu. Only the sub-menu is working.

    So two questions?
    a) Is it possible to run graphene version 1 after i tried graphene version 2?
    b) Is the sub-sub-menu problem only in the alpha version, can u fix it?

    Best regards

    • syahirhakim

      Hi Jhule,

      To answer your questions:

      a) Yes, it is possible to run Graphene 1.* after you have installed Graphene 2.0, but you will need to restore Graphene’s default settings and do the customisations again. This is mainly because of the changes in how the theme handles settings. Alternatively, if you were to try this on a different website, you can export the existing Graphene 1.* settings first. You can then restore that settings if you decide to rollback to Graphene 1.*.

      b) On mobile, we have purposely hidden the sub-sub-menu due to space limitation on small screens. The easiest solution would be to reorganise and simplify your menu so that the sub-sub-menu only serves as an enhancement, rather than a critical requirement.

      • Jhule

        Thanks for your quick reply.

        Perhaps it is possible in the settings to choose whether the sub-sub-menu on the tablet show or hide.
        Could you include this option? Otherwise, I must use plugins for mobile devices. I do not want to re-construct the menu.

        I loved the graphene 1.* theme because it displays the sub-sub-menu.

        Thank you so much

  • bloodytom

    Please include compatibility with woocommerce. The product pages look messed up. Thanks!

  • 没事就来转一转,每天多吃两碗饭!

  • How’s the progress? Awesome update, by the way.

  • Jhule

    What’s the release Date for Graphene 2.0? I love it!

  • Min Madopskrift

    Hi Syahir Hakim
    I just say it today, you’re releasing a new graphene. WUUP WUUP. That is great news
    Is it a free theme or premium theme?
    In the meantime, I have bought and tested a premium theme, but it is not good as Graphene.
    I have a wish; please make your theme responsible with Autoptimize and gravity forms plugins. They are both very important plugins.

    I really look forward to graphene 2 and do not move my websites then.


  • Cecile Aiguille

    After all these years, the Graphene theme is still one of the best out there in terms of looks, feel and customization. No matter how many other themes I try, I somehow find myself always comparing it to Graphene.

    Without hesitation I downloaded the pre-alpha version (I was so excited) and am happy to say it looks great so far, but I have some questions I hope you can help with.

    1. Will you be removing the infinite scroll feature? I tried to test this on a category archive page but it does not work.

    2. Is there any page navigation for child page archives? I.e. I created a Main Page and 20 Child Pages. Everything displays fine but all 20 Child Pages are listed below the Main Page, with no page navigation or infinite scroll etc.

    3. May it be possible to know which features you will 100% be removing from Graphene? So that other solutions may be researched. P.S. the Action Hook Widget Areas is one of the best features of the theme.

    • Min Madopskrift

      Cecile, Action Hook areas are one of the best features of Graphene. I totally agree. I, Also hope for the possibility of some kind of premium theme. Theme will be updated frequently than.

    • syahirhakim

      Up to now, these are the features that will be removed:

      Removed: Navigation menu display options (replaced with native Custom Menu options)
      Removed: Thumbnail and excerpt slider display style
      Removed: Slider animation option (defaults to fade)
      Removed: Slider transition speed option
      Removed: Older IE partial CSS3 support
      Removed: IE8 max-width property support
      Removed: Option to display Creative Commons licence
      Removed: graphene_first_p() function
      Removed: Allowed markup notes in comment form
      Removed: Post formats template
      Removed: Genericons icon font
      Removed: Option to display post author avatar in title
      Removed: Edit post link when logged in (already available in Admin Bar)
      Removed: graphene_show_addthis hook (replaced with graphene_addthis filter)

      As you can see, the removed features are mostly obsolete, or replaced with a similar or better alternative. Features such as Infinite scroll, child page navigation, and Action Hook Widget Areas will all be retained (see screenshots attached) .

      • Cecile Aiguille

        Hi Syahir, that’s all really great to hear! What I meant about child page navigation is that let’s say I have 30 child pages and 1 parent page. When I click on the parent page, all 30 child pages are directly listed below on the same page.. there is no page navigation to break it up. But other than that, its perfect. Can’t wait!

  • Lana Kelley

    Are there any further updates on Graphene 2.0 release date?

    • syahirhakim

      Hang on, we’re getting really close. Just doing the final checks and testing now.

      • Lana Kelley

        I am starting to have a lot of problems with Graphene… I need a new solution quickly to keep my store up and running. What do you think if I downloaded Pre-Alpha. Is it glitchy?

        • Richard Fendelman

          I just installed 2.0.4
          Is that the final release you were talking about or is this still beta?
          – My site went down because of this. Finally solved the problem by deleting the Child Theme.
          – Can you give us the code for a new Child Theme?
          – Also, on mobile, the first thing that you see under the banner is the left front page widget. I need the body to be seen first.

          • How did you get that version? The button in this page is not working…

  • Jhule

    Hi, can you estimate when the final theme will be released? I am so excited ^^
    Any update!?!


    can you add support for open graph for facebook and twitter etc, existing plugins do not work properly with your theme

    also i would like widen the site for desktop users and dynamically scale for mobile

  • Can I go back to the previous version? 2.0 broke everything in my blog.

  • Jasper Tielen

    My site is updated, not sure if I like it. Probably need to adjust several things.

  • Lorraine

    New version available and a disaster. There was no warning of problems on WordPress – just that a new version was avaliable – it destroyed all my customization and many of the customization I had done. HELP! The latest version of Graphene has completely taken away all the customizing I did – hours and hours of work gone!

    The fonts are huge with no way of changing them because the font options are gone.

    The Site ID is in the middle instead of on the left so now my Site ID runs into the graphic.

    On pages, the font is so huge, it’s ridiculous. The 3 columns set up is gone despite the fact that the option was selected. My sidebar widgets have disapeared.

    The menu bar is huge and looks really bad.

    On one page, I now have a 404 message showing up which wasn’t there before.

    A lot of the customization options are gone – font.

    Font has been replaced with an ugly, stark font and I can’t change it because the customization is gone.

    What happened????? How can I change it back to the previous version?

    • syahirhakim


      Regards, Syahir Hakim | Facebook | Twitter

  • Herbert Käfer

    omg the update change the fonsizes…

  • Herbert Käfer

    omg the update changes the fontsize…

  • Bonny Clayton

    WOOHOO! Found 2.0 available in my WP updates this week! So far, I’m loving it, but do have a couple of questions.

    1. I currently have Graphene Mobile (which I loved working with -so easy) “attached” to my website so I’m mobile friendly. Does 2.0 eliminate the need to do this? and

    2. I used to be able to use a PNG file for my header and my background would show through “behind” it. It looked soooooo cool. Now it’s filled in with white. :o( Any way to get back my transparency? Website is so you can see what I mean.


  • Mike Moseley

    My slider displays now show the activity posts twice and the sizing is messed up. See

  • 冬天虽已来临,祝您四季如春!

  • Well version 2.1.2 is already out, maybe it’s time for a “Final version is out” blog ?
    Also i’m super happy this is out, i made quite a few websites with Graphene back in the day, sadly had to abandon it because it wasn’t responsive, i’m excited to try out the new version.

  • Maggie Ford

    Help! I had a slider on the middel of our homepage, to draw attention to the latest news. Now it is just a blank space and the text is displaced below it. Looks just awful!
    Tried to use customize, but never get past it loading.
    What can be done to a) get the text back in the middle section slider?
    b) get rid ogf the purple at the top of the page

  • goutam

    Hi, I want to change the theme of my personal website and want to use graphene theme. Is it possible to let us know when the final version will be released? Thanks for your hard work.

    • syahirhakim

      It has already been released 3 months ago 🙂

      • goutam

        Sorry, did not notice. Installed. 🙂

  • 一言不发岂能证明我来过了?!