Reincarnated Graphene Twitter widget

Get the improved replacement for the retired Graphene Twitter widget, with more features and fully compatible with Twitter API v1.1.

We announced previously that the Graphene Twitter widget will no longer be available from Graphene 1.9 onwards. Even if you are using an older version of Graphene, you can’t use its Twitter widget because it was designed to fetch tweets using Twitter API v1, which has been retired. We recommended a couple of alternatives, but we weren’t satisfied with either of them, so we developed the Twiget Twitter widget.

Twiget in Graphene Theme

Twiget in Graphene Theme

Twiget is basically the same Graphene Twitter widget, but with more features and fully compatible with Twitter API v1.1. On top of the good old listing of your latest tweets, you can now also display profile picture and twitter bio. It is still AJAX-based so your site’s load time won’t be affected by Twitter’s server hiccups.

There is some necessary changes imposed by Twitter’s v1.1 API though, such as all requests to Twitter must be authenticated, which requires a set of Twitter API credentials. We’ve included easy-to-follow instructions in the plugin’s options page itself on how to get your own Twitter API credentials.

Twitter also has an API rate limit of 180 requests per 15 minutes. To never exceed this limit regardless of how much traffic your site has, we’ve implemented caching of tweets. Caching duration is auto-optimised based on the number of the Twitter widgets you have in the site. Therefore, we recommend that you only use each set of Twitter API credentials for only one site.

So get all the goodies now and download the Twiget plugin from the official WordPress Plugin Repository!

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