New year goodies

Happy New Year!! There is now an option to disable the footer credit link in the Franz Josef theme. We’ve also updated the Stacks addon to allow you to create custom layout for your posts listing (or blog) page.


Option to disable footer credit link

When we developed Franz Josef, we’ve included an internal switch that allows developers to disable the footer credit link in the theme. This option was not exposed anywhere in the theme’s options, but it has always been possible to disable the footer credit link if you’re using a child theme and know how to turn the internal switch off.

It takes a huge amount of time, effort, and costs to develop a theme as advanced as Franz Josef. We’re not in the business of creating cookie-cutter themes that looks great in screenshot and go no further. No, whenever we develop a theme, we put serious thoughts and efforts in it so that it’s something we can truly be proud of.

Which is why I think it’s a fair trade-off to include that footer credit link in exchange for you getting Franz Josef at no cost. That link is not even for SEO – we’ve included the rel=”no-follow” attribute to it so search engines will not follow it.

However, we do sell premium addons for Franz Josef at very reasonable prices. To appreciate those who’ve purchased any of the premium addons, and in keeping of that spirit of fairness, we’ve decided to include the option to disable the footer credit link. The option is available in the free Additional Options addon, and you’ll only see the option if you’ve purchased any of Franz Josef’s premium addons.

Get Additional Options


Franz Josef Stacks update

We’ve also just released Stacks 1.2 update, which contains a number of feature additions alongside a couple of important bugfixes. The highlight of this latest version is the ability to create custom page layout for the static posts page, enabling you to present your blog posts in a way that best suits your site’s needs and audience.

Get Stacks


All the above updates are available via WordPress standard automatic update feature. Let us know how you’re enjoying them, and happy new year!

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