Child theme functionality with Graphene Mobile

Child themes are great. They allow you to customise a parent theme without ever needing to edit the parent theme’s files. However, due to the way most mobile theme switcher plugins work, you can’t use child theme with Graphene Mobile the way you usually can with standard desktop themes. This is because the child theme […]

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Graphene 1.8.1 and Graphene Mobile 1.2

I’m glad to announce that Graphene 1.8.1 is now available from the themes repository. You can update your version of Graphene using WordPress built-in theme update feature. Graphene 1.8 brings an expanded colour options, including the much-anticipated options to customise the menu. We’ve also incorporated some performance improvements by reducing the number of database […]

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Graphene 1.8a (alpha) is now available

I’m glad to announce that an alpha version of Graphene 1.8 is now available for download. You can get the package from here: Since this is an alpha release, it is meant for testing and translating purposes only. Please do not use this version on a critical production site. There may be undiscovered nasty […]

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Interview with the Graphene theme developer

I recently gave an interview about the Graphene Theme. Among other things, it explained how the theme came about, how it has evolved, and what’s coming next down the pipeline. Head over to the Blink Colony to give it a read.

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Feature preview: pullquote and Google Webfont

Starting from version 1.7.3, a new feature will be added to the Graphene theme, called pullquote. What is a pullquote? It’s that enlarged block of text you usually see in magazine articles. This screenshot would explain it better than any words can:

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Welcome to the newly revamped demo site

When I first made the Graphene theme publicly available, there was little need for a demonstration site. Back then, the number of features were so small that the theme’s options page was just a normal HTML list of countable options. Today, the theme’s options span three pages, each containing collapsible sections that categorise the options. […]

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