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A lot of support requests in our support forum involves questions like “how do I add this to that” or “how do I put this Adsense block just above the post title”. A lot of the time people would just resort to editing the theme’s files and simply add whatever chunk of codes or text exactly where they want it to appear.

But editing the theme’s files directly means you’ll lose those changes when you update the theme, so you’re really stuck between not updating the theme (and miss out on all the goodies) and having to do the customisations all over again.

This add-on solves that problem by allowing you to create new widget areas virtually anywhere in the theme. Adding content will then just be as simple as adding widgets to the new widget areas.

Simple, user-friendly, intuitive, and update-proof.



Step 1: Enable new widget area in Franz Josef Options page.



Step 2: Add any widget to the new widget area. In this example, we add a text widget containing Adsense ad code.



Step 3: Content is automatically added to the site, in this example, the Adsense ad.


Version 1.0.1
  • Fixed a bug with the auto-update system
Version 1.0
  • Initial release

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Syahir helped me customize Graphene WP sites for 2 of my companies. I totally recommend him. He does great work very quickly and his $45/hr is a really good rate for the quality service he gives. If you have a site that needs a few tweaks and not sure what to do, just email him and he'll give you a quote for getting your site exactly how you want it.

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