Infinite Scroll

Retain visitors on your site far better by letting them effortlessly access the content of your site. By eliminating pagination, infinite scrolling allows you to eliminate yet another barrier to visitor engagement.

With Infinite Scroll, the theme will seamlessly load more content as your visitors scroll down the page. You will also get both automatic and click-to-load infinite scrolling options.




Seamlessly load more content as visitors scroll down the page.



Infnite Scroll settings in Franz Josef’s options page.


Version 1.0.1
  • Fixed: Error message with Masonry not being initialized if not using tiled posts in Franz Josef
  • Fixed: Overlap issue when using Masonry layout
  • Fixed: Persistent admin nag even after ignored
  • Fixed: Bug with the auto-update system
Version 1.0
  • Initial release

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Amazing amount of options! This theme gives you the ability to custom tune your webstie from font colours to widget positions. If you dont know how to develop a theme but still want to have something custom - this one will be the best choice you can make!


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