Reincarnated Graphene Twitter widget

Get the improved replacement for the retired Graphene Twitter widget, with more features and fully compatible with Twitter API v1.1.

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GM Neo 1.5 is now available!

Selectively enable or disable plugins when your site is viewed on mobile devices with this latest iteration of Graphene Mobile Neo.

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Graphene 1.9 is now available

The latest and greatest, Graphene 1.9, is now available! Find out about the new features and changes in this latest iteration of the Graphene theme.

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No more Twitter widget in Graphene 1.9

With Twitter v1 API fully retired, implementing oAuth authentication to keep Graphene theme’s Twitter widget functioning has fallen outside the scope of a theme.

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Graphene 1.9b (beta) release

Hello again, everyone! We’re now getting closer to Graphene 1.9 release, as today I’m announcing the availability of the beta version of Graphene 1.9. Since this is a beta release, it is meant for testing and translating purposes only. Please do not use this version on a critical production site. Even though it is relatively […]

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Graphene 1.9a (alpha) is now available

Greetings, citizens of the Earth! I’m glad to announce that an alpha version of Graphene 1.9 is now available for download. Since this is an alpha release, it is meant for testing and translating purposes only. Please do not use this version on a critical production site. There may be undiscovered nasty bugs in the […]

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Introducing Graphene Themes Affiliates Program

We’ve been on a quite a roll here at Graphene themes. A few days ago we announced premium feature addition to Graphene Mobile Neo, which will also be ported to the Graphene theme. We’ve also been hard at work on making our all our themes even better. But today, we’re announcing a new opportunity for […]

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Feature Highlight: Infinite scroll, better colour presets management

We’re glad to announce another premium feature addition to Graphene Mobile Neo, infinite scroll. On top of that, we’re also announcing a much sought-after feature enhancement to the colour presets available in the theme: you can now save, delete, export, and import the theme’s colour presets. With infinite scrolling, you’ll be able to retain visitors […]

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Opinion needed from Portuguese users

Should we adopt the new spelling charter that requires the same spelling applied in every Portuguese-speaking country?

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All-new Graphene brand site

About 10 months ago, I wrote that we’ll be migrating all websites related to the Graphene theme under one domain – a single web real estate that consolidates all of Graphene’s properties. This includes a website to provide information for the Graphene theme itself as well as the brand’s mobile offerings, support forum, demonstration site, […]

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